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How to Apply a Pencil Eye Liner

Properly applied eye liner will help you define your eyes so that they look tip top perfect. But if you do not apply it properly, it will turn your look upside down, from great to BAD.

Follow these steps to apply an eye liner properly.

1- Start by choosing the right color for you. Brown and black are good in general but black is more preferable if you have dark hair. Charcoal is also nice and goes well with everything. Test and check which colors work best for your.

2- If the pencil si too hard and waxy, warm it up a bit using your fingers or some hot water. This will get the pencil to flow better.

3- Sharpen the pencil properly and start applying the liner on the upper lid. When finished, the pencil’s tip would have smoothed out a bit making it perfect for lower lid application.

4- Place the tip of the inner corner as close as possible to the eye lash line. Follow the line all the way to the outer corner. As you get close to the outer corner , press hard to make the line thicker and darker.

5- Connect the top and bottom lines on the outer corner of the eye, but not on the inner corner. If you connect the lines on the inner corner, your eyes will look smaller.

6- Double check to make sure the lines are even and properly blended. You can use the tip of a small brush to even things out.