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Full Lips

I think I have finally nailed down how to get full sexy lips without the cost of injections. I have compiled below, tips and tricks from various sources. Enjoy!

Step 1 – Start by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush in a small circular motion. This will help remove any dead skin particles as well as get the blood circulating to the area.
Step 2 – Using a small amount of gentle exfoliant, repeat your small circular motions using your finger or the toothbrush. Gentle is key!
Step 3 – After removing the scrub and drying your lips, apply a thin layer of concealer on both lips and lightly around the top and bottom ridges.
Step 4 – To lock-in and set the concealer, apply a light layer of powder.
Step 5 – With a pencil the same as your natural lip tone, line your lips paying special attention to your newly full ridges thanks to the concealer. For an even poutier look – don’t line the corners of your lips. This will bring the focus to the fleshier more plump section of your smile.
Step 6 – Get two colors of your favorite gloss, one light shade and one slightly darker. Prep your lips with a thin application of the darker shade.
Step 7 – Using your favorite brush, apply the lighter shade on the center more fleshier part of your lips. The lighter shade will cause more light reflection, giving the illusion of a fuller lip.