I strongly recommend the use of Bare Minerals Essentials. It is simply the best mineral makeup out there. Bare Minerals Essentials is so good I don't use any other brand anymore.

GloMinerals Mineral Makeup Reviews

Available in loose, pressed and liquid, GloMinerals Mineral Makeup is a "makeup system" formulated primarily for skin care professionals.

In addition to the expected ingredients in mineral foundation, GloMinerals Mineral Makeup  states their products incorporate an antioxidant blend that includes Vitamins C, A, K, E and green tea extract.
They also have broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection and the company calls itself "the clinical skincare makeup line".

The formulas are reported to be "tripled milled", so it is very smooth going on. It also claims to provide the best coverage, due to their pigments.

GloMineral Mineral Makeupproducts are sold by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and other skin care professionals.
GloMinerals Mineral Makeup is Available in 3 Formulations - Loose, Pressed and Liquid.
Each has its own page with more information, shades and ingredients

Cat Eye Makeup

Products such as eyeliner pencil, concealer, eyelash curler, eyeshadow palettes and eye cosmetics removers are required for the cat eye look.

Start by applying concealer inside the corners of the eyes and below to hide dark circles if there is any

Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler to increase definition

Pull the eyelid tight and lift it up at the end of the eye. Maintain your hands steady when drawing a line right above the iris and stretch the line to the external eye. With a sweeping movement, flicker the line up and thicken it. Finish it up with a sharp point. Ensure that the thickest line is created at the outer corner of the eye.

Apply and off-white eyeshadow by using a brush directly above the iris. Put two or three layers of dark grey or black mascara. Black is in fact strongly recommended but you can test out dark grey and see if you would prefer the end result.

Lastly, get rid of any kind of smudges using a Q-tip and eye makeup remover.

Cat’s eye makeup is very adaptable. You can apply it to create a sophisticated look to a spectacular one. With the correct mixture of contrasting makeup colour palette, cat eye makeup could work for any occasion. Although learning the way to accomplishing the cat makeup look requires persistence, ultimately the result is satisfying.

How To Get Longer Eyelashes

Apply eyeliner near to your eyelash line:Make use of an eyeliner shade that is a bit darker compared to your own natural eyelash color. The objective is to make it seem like there’s a lot more hair at the beginnings of your eyelashes than there really is.
Clear away eye cosmetics lightly and completely prior to going to bed. Allowing makeup to sit on your lashes for prolonged time periods almost certainly is not suitable for your eye lashes.
Curl your lashes: Flat Lashes appear small mainly because of the direction at which they are viewed. An eyelash curler can give your eyelashes some additional bounce but do it carefully and gently.
Use Mascara: In case you are wearing fake lashes. Mascara will help blend them with your natural lashes. In case you curled your lashes, mascara can help the shape set in position. Mascara generally will always make your lashes look thicker and lengthier.
Natural home remedies: a few work, and many do not. Once particular technique is to apply a thin layer of essential olive oil to your lashes before heading to bed at in the evening. Dip a clean mascara wand in the olive oil and carefully brush your lashes from bottom to the end.
Vaseline: You may apply vaseline to your eyelashes overnight. It will make your lashes longer , but some individuals are allergic to it around the eyes.

Full Lips

I think I have finally nailed down how to get full sexy lips without the cost of injections. I have compiled below, tips and tricks from various sources. Enjoy!

Step 1 – Start by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush in a small circular motion. This will help remove any dead skin particles as well as get the blood circulating to the area.
Step 2 – Using a small amount of gentle exfoliant, repeat your small circular motions using your finger or the toothbrush. Gentle is key!
Step 3 – After removing the scrub and drying your lips, apply a thin layer of concealer on both lips and lightly around the top and bottom ridges.
Step 4 – To lock-in and set the concealer, apply a light layer of powder.
Step 5 – With a pencil the same as your natural lip tone, line your lips paying special attention to your newly full ridges thanks to the concealer. For an even poutier look – don’t line the corners of your lips. This will bring the focus to the fleshier more plump section of your smile.
Step 6 – Get two colors of your favorite gloss, one light shade and one slightly darker. Prep your lips with a thin application of the darker shade.
Step 7 – Using your favorite brush, apply the lighter shade on the center more fleshier part of your lips. The lighter shade will cause more light reflection, giving the illusion of a fuller lip.

How To Apply Eye shadow

You will find below some useful tips on how to apply eye shadow.

1- Always start by applying a foundation over your face. Foundation gives you a good base to work with. Do not over do it however; keep it light and gentle.

2- Then, start applying an eye shadow primer over your eye from the lash to the eyebrow. A primer will help the shadow last longer and minimize the number of application daily.

3- Use an eye shadow to apply the MEDIUM shade from your eye lashes to your eyelid's outer corner.

4- Use a pencil eyeliner to mark the eye just above your upper lash. Move from the inner cornet to the outer corner slowly

5- Use the brush and go over the area where you applied the eye liner to diffuse the color just a little bit

6- To make your eyes look deep, apply the dark eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye lids.
7- On the eyebrow bone use the light color to highlight your eyes and make them shiny and beautiful.

8- Also apply the light eye shadow from your eye lashes to the outer corner of the eye at the center of the eye lids.

9- Blend the color a little bit so that there are no hard lines

10- Apply Mascara to your upper and lower eye lashes to finish the great look

Quick Makeup Routine

This is a quick makeup routine for when you are in a hurry and still want to look great

1- Start by applying a moisturizer.

2- Use some powder to cover pimples, blackheads and other imperfections

3- On the tips (or apples) of your cheeks, apply blush lightly

4- Apply light brown eye shadow on the moving eye lids.

5- Apply eye liner and a two coats of mascara.

Remember this should not take more than 5 minutes

Take Good Care of Your Nails

Nails are what make a significant impression when it comes to your hands. For your hands to look great, you need to take very good care of your nails.

Here are things that you need to do on regular basis
  • Make sure you remove all the nail polish traces from your nails using an acetone-free remover. Leftover nail polish will limit your nails access to oxygen that they need to stay healthy.
  • File your nails properly from one side to the center and from the other side to the center. Do not file them from one end to the other end. Use long and smooth strokes. Finish bu filing the tip of the nail if its too pointy
  • Use some soap water mixed with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil to soak you hands. This will clean and soften your hands.
  • If you want to apply nail polish, always start by applying a base coat first to prevent stains.
  • When applying nail polish, start with a stroke in the middle of the nail and then follow that with one stroke on each side. Wait for the coat to dry and then apply another layer in the same way.