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Great Looking Eye Brows

Follow these steps to achieve great looking eye brows:

1- Brush your brows from the down side up, then use scissiors to trim the hair that is a bit too long

2- Use a ruler or any straight object to make sure that your inner corner of the eye is in line with the inner side of the brow.

3-Move the ruler to the middle of the eye (where your iris is when you are looking Straight forward). Make sure that the center of the eye brow arc is in line with the iris.

4- The end of the eye brow, the outer corner of your eye, and the tip of your nose should form a straight line. You can line the tip of your nose with the outer corner of the eye to determin where your eye brow should end.

5-You can use an eye brow brush to make your brows look nice and tidy. You can also use an eye brow gel to hold the hair in place.