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Organic Makeup

This is an informational post and not a how-to. Its always good to know.

We all know that makeup may contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. SO what is the alternative? …. Organic Makeup.

Organic makeup is made of natural material, minerals, and herbs which keeps your skin healthy and reduces wrinkles making you look younger day after day.

One of the ingredients included in organic makeup is Algae which is high in iodine and has nourshing and hydrating properties to the skin. Another is Vera Oil which does wonders for sensitive and dry skin. Beeswax, Myrtle Herb, and HoneySuckle Oil, are also usually included in organic makeup and have a lot of positive effects on your skin.

If you are going to buy organic makeup, make sure the product has a USDA seal. This gurantees that the products has at least 95% organic material. Keep in mind that since organic makeup is so beneficial to the skin, its usually more expensive than regular makeup.

If you can afford organic makeup, you should give them a try.