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Cat Eye Makeup

Products such as eyeliner pencil, concealer, eyelash curler, eyeshadow palettes and eye cosmetics removers are required for the cat eye look.

Start by applying concealer inside the corners of the eyes and below to hide dark circles if there is any

Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler to increase definition

Pull the eyelid tight and lift it up at the end of the eye. Maintain your hands steady when drawing a line right above the iris and stretch the line to the external eye. With a sweeping movement, flicker the line up and thicken it. Finish it up with a sharp point. Ensure that the thickest line is created at the outer corner of the eye.

Apply and off-white eyeshadow by using a brush directly above the iris. Put two or three layers of dark grey or black mascara. Black is in fact strongly recommended but you can test out dark grey and see if you would prefer the end result.

Lastly, get rid of any kind of smudges using a Q-tip and eye makeup remover.

Cat’s eye makeup is very adaptable. You can apply it to create a sophisticated look to a spectacular one. With the correct mixture of contrasting makeup colour palette, cat eye makeup could work for any occasion. Although learning the way to accomplishing the cat makeup look requires persistence, ultimately the result is satisfying.