I strongly recommend the use of Bare Minerals Essentials. It is simply the best mineral makeup out there. Bare Minerals Essentials is so good I don't use any other brand anymore.

GloMinerals Mineral Makeup Reviews

Available in loose, pressed and liquid, GloMinerals Mineral Makeup is a "makeup system" formulated primarily for skin care professionals.

In addition to the expected ingredients in mineral foundation, GloMinerals Mineral Makeup  states their products incorporate an antioxidant blend that includes Vitamins C, A, K, E and green tea extract.
They also have broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection and the company calls itself "the clinical skincare makeup line".

The formulas are reported to be "tripled milled", so it is very smooth going on. It also claims to provide the best coverage, due to their pigments.

GloMineral Mineral Makeupproducts are sold by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and other skin care professionals.
GloMinerals Mineral Makeup is Available in 3 Formulations - Loose, Pressed and Liquid.
Each has its own page with more information, shades and ingredients